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  1. I saw your landscapes or better portraits of trees on Tumblr. i just love them. Are you teaching outdoor landscape painting?? I would love to take a class from you.

  2. Hello, I came to visit your studio, your lovely daughter Rosie was very kind to show me your work.

    I’m an American now living East of Nowhere, I am exploring.

    Your trees are mesmerizing!

    All good things,

  3. Hi Alex it’s Jacob’s Mum here. I was just wondering if you had a print for sale of the pheasant painting card that you sent Jacob for his birthday?
    Many thanks
    Emma xxx

  4. Hi Alex, your work is amazing! Simon gave me the link to group eight, I am really enjoying looking at your work, and that of some of your colleagues.

  5. Thanks so much Jocelyn! I’ve only just seen this message.. I don’t really know how to run my website so when I get messages .. I’m not always aware! My current exhibition is going well and I’ll also be exhibiting with group eight at the same gallery for Xmas. Xx

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