Workshops and retreats

“Allow nature’s peace to flow into you
as sunshine flows into trees”
– John Muir

I am creating and participating in a number of workshops and retreats. Using my art practice and my yoga teacher training, I have devised some replenishing experiences in nature. In brief this involves being in nature, walking in contemplative silence, reading of inspirational texts/poems and some timed drawing tasks, using minimal materials.

By using focused awareness during the drawing/painting process and being immersed in nature in a completely non judgemental setting, it soon releases fear and anxiety replacing it with calm, peace and tranquility.

I will be posting details of where and when on my Instagram, which is linked to my website. Please do get in touch if you would like more details now. Or if you are running a retreat and you would like to include one of my workshops, please email me to explore this further

I am an experienced yoga practitioner and have recently qualified as a yoga teacher. I am currently running some online classes and I am also available for in person classes at small or large events and any special occasions. Here is a link to my Yoga Alliance certification.

“This felt like an immersion in peaceful connection, slowing down, using stillness and nature to tune into senses without pressure or rush”

– Karen

“Made me feel acutely aware of everything around me, sounds, colours, textures … Joy of creating with no external pressure”

– Emily

“Relaxing … Peaceful … Immersive”

– Claire


The wonderful benefits of spending time outdoors in nature, with animals and doing yoga!

I am very excited to be teaching some yoga classes over the next few months amongst these gentle creatures and if you are interested or know someone who would love to give this a try please head over to alpaca yoga club book a place and get more details.

The dates are *23rd April. *14th May. 18th June. 9th July. *13th August. 10th September

*these are the dates I will be teaching, the other dates are being taught by Jess McKenna

The afternoon will run from 2.30pm to 4.30pm with an hour of yoga followed by relaxing and mingling with the alpacas, tea and homemade cake.


Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd july 2022

details of this fabulous retreat are on my news page with a link to burnt fen website where all details and booking is available.